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second day at uk [22 Jul 2008|11:45am]
second day at milton keynes, uk.

yesterday i had a little walk across the district. little british heaven... :)

my uk colleagues told me milton is something like silicon valley for london suburbs... my local tutors are two old dudes (former hippies i guess, mwahahaha), one from ibm... :)

just forgot cd with drivers at my apartments today. yes, i'm dumb - so no photos for today. :)

more strange place - better food is, you know. just have found arabian swarma on district backyard. there were thoughts i will bang after supper - so big it was. :)

i've got into the habit with left-sided road traffic but still look left before walking across the road... still laughing on it. :)

life ain't easy without notebook. oh - i had to buy it before! my cellphone operator attempted to play a dirty: i had to come personally to st-petersburg office and write a paper for them with request for adding me to rouming list. i really had no idea about it... mts is cave age. if i could know...

will try to get free earlier today to find local cell simcard and internet cafe.

bye. :)
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