grivo (grivo) wrote,

day 4

yesterday i've tried to find a way from hotel to office and just missed one turn on cycle-crossroad. although milton keynes is very big - there are great amount of pointers so i didn't feel myself lost.

all crossroads, all road signs are highlighted at night... i think even ape can drive a vehicle at UK. :)

sadly, but i will not have any chance to get to london. because when all work is done it's 6 or 7 and the only way to arrive city is taxi, but too expansive.

no more big portions of food - just middle. otherwise i'll get couple of additional tons to my weight. yesterday it was an kebab with chicken. 5 quids. may be expansive - damn, it costs these money! at least half kilo of nice fried meat!!!!!!!!! now i understand why almost all the girls here are so crummy. eat less and do a gyms - otherwise you'll become stout pig here, huh... :)

wifi everywhere. you can imagine what do i feel when all these possibilities are at hand - but just no notebook or something wified. :(

had a visit at apple's store. steve jobs - do you hear me, you, smart morron? where is iphone for russia? we are not primitive aboriginals, damn! yes, you can get iphone wth o2 cell simcard installed for free. but you have to sign a contract for at least 18 month with minimum monthly fee - 59 quids! (so total price for getting iphone is close to 1700 usd). go cheat yourselfs!

since i'm not in london, but in the suburbs - there is one really big stock for district. it's located near my hotel, jury's inn. it's huge - i can not even imagine how many days i'll need to simply discover all of stores. but there is one big disadvantage - no small cheap shops with freaky wear. all is standard as benetton or sela. :( but i believe i'll find at least a couple of t-shirts... :)

i do not watch wrong side of road when crossing it. and wait no more for someone speaking russian. yep! however, to get fluent - i would need more than week. may be - month.

now i'm sittin' at my workplace trying to catch out the porpose and idea of 5000-lines of code in single perl file. "show me that genuis who wrote this. i'll cut his balls with rusty wire" - that's the only real thought, that comes to head of each developer when reading somebody else's code. :)

cheers. :)
Tags: life
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