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my dear diary.

yep! i was in london yesterday!

my local boss, mervyn (i'm sure he is that famous mervyn, just took his magician hat off), he is really great dude. he lifted me up to london after work. while driving we were talking about cars, top gear, sports and funny life stories. now i know who is stig, in common. we had a discussion about traffic jams in UK - merv said that the only place on earth where traffic jams take place - new yourk. other talks about traffic - bluff. for example - merv's everyday distance is about 120-140 kilometers (home to office and back). he spends 1.5-2 hours for all of this. and this recognized as slow motion by uk residents. they do not know moscow, mwahahahaha... :)

london subway is really huge, but it's not a classical subway, because it runs under ground only at the center of city. ruislip-green park trip took about 30 minutes. subway is very-very clean. you know, i just thought spb metro is clean, but it's so only in compound with moscow underground. and it totally sux in compound with london subway. almost no classical pullers - even movie posters are just big decorated plasma screens. animated pictures everywhere - i just got feeling like i was in 99 francs badtrip. but don't think subway is a cheap - single journey from zone 6 to zone 1 was about 4 quids. :)

green park station. going up... well, i'm at the heart of the city. standing here with widely opened mouth, like an classic idiot. me is amazed. all. this what i've been searching in spb and failed. yet, spb is still special city, but it's shine is faded when thinking about london. all these streets - just don't know such a words to describe it. yes, i'm dumb.

took a ticket to london eye. great thing, really. saw tower and big ben, spent some time strolling among sri lanka marchers (still can not figure out what they are protesting against - even their clothes were so good - not all citizens of even moscow can allow such things, imagine, huh, these poor indians). 5 hours long walkiing through city. perfect day.

suddenly, my heart began to beat like a bird in a cage. and my right kidney started to hurt so much that it seemed to me - one second more and i'll be in hell at last. i'd measured my pulse - 160 bpm. i was feeling myself like someone replaced my blood with noz. so i decided to get back to milton.

by the way - cab from picadilly circus to milton keynes is about 150 quids. too expensive even for such idiot like me.

so i got myself to victoria line. straight line to euston rail station. but me is lucky-lucky boy! almost all line was closed for repairment. started to read... damn, i felt myself lost under ground. little crying suburbian, mwahahaha... :)

finally, euston trail. wait 1 hour for a train to mkc, please. funny: after i'd bought cheapest ticket (13 quids) - this atm stopped to sale them. only standard tickets(23 pounds). whatever - i do not know what had i done. may be i'm neo? :)

well, i was already sleeping when train stopped. all passengers left. milton? i jump out and ask one gent on platform is it milton keneys? no. it's tring. trying to get back to train - but doors are closed. damn. last train. tomorrow i must be at work. damn twice.

so i found a cab. mercedes slk. nice for cab, isn't it? the driver was cyprus greek - so we were talking much about globalisation, youngsters, problems of uk... and what amazed me is that he mentioned that new generation of local residents - they just do not want to work at all. at the other side - they just want money and entertainment (but he said now it's a little bit better than 10 years ago). now uk is in greatest debt for almost all history (thanx to usa, he said). smell of fear is in air. so now many britishs are really waiting russia to be in europe union because it will allow to create superstate, pan-europian giant, strong enough to say to us - piss off, we do not want to solve your problems borrowing your money. also he told that there are only four groups in uk that really do work instead of sitting on government shoulders: britishs from periphery, indians, russians and children of 60's immigrants. anyway. he said, the question of getting russia in eu is a question of government renewal - three to six years. hope so. :)

cab cost was 50 quids. but i'm not crying because i could be 100 easily. :)

today i'll stay here, in milton keynes. tomorrow i'll attempt to arrive london again. or, may be, today? :)

oh, i've forgot! all white brits smell with toilet waters like cheap whores. smell of black and coloured brits is clean body. that's ground to think. :)
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